Meet our Team of Monitoring Specialists

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Commercial & Residential

Monitoring service includes taking pictures, video, and preparing reports

Construction or Repairs

Reporting on new construction, renovations, and repairs to existing property

Storm and Tenant Damage

Identifying damage caused by tenant transitions, storms, or other issues that may arise

Intensive Monitoring

Plans include monitoring and reporting as frequently as requested

Detailed Reporting

Reports posted in 48 hours, including pictures, optional videos, description of issues, repairs or modifications

Expert Consultation

We work with contractors to provide you with monitoring status, showing progress and status of repairs and property improvements

Property Monitoring

Our property monitoring service covers taking pictures and documenting the current condition of the the property only. It is not an inspection. Our reports are intended only as a general guide to help the owners of properties make their own evaluation of the overall condition of the property, and is not intended to reflect the value of the premises.