Property Description: This sample report applies to both a residential and commercial property. The report below monitors a property that has been hit by a hurricane and identifies issues that are of concern. The property has been impacted by a category 4 hurricane off the coast of Florida and has sustained damage that needs immediate repairs.
Roof Description: North facing roof: (Roof_1.jpg) has minor issues with only a few shingles missing. East facing roof: (Roof_2.jpg, Roof_3.jpg, Roof_4.jpg) has more shingles missing in all three damaged areas. West facing roof: (Roof_5.jpg) has a few shingles that need to be fixed. South Facing roof has no damage.
Exterior Description: North facing exterior wall: (Exterior_1.jpg) has ¼ inch cracks approximately 1.5 feet long, in the brick. East facing exterior wall: (Exterior_2.jpg) has ½ inch cracks approximately 6 feet, below the east facing window and air vent. West facing basement wall: (Exterior_3.jpg) has ¼ inch cracks running the full length of the wall. South facing wall: (Exterior_5.jpg) has 1 inch cracks approximately 2.5 feet. The front sidewalk (Exterior_4.jpg) has 1 ¼ inch crack next to the drainage system.
Interior Description: Entryway ceiling has water damage (Interior_1.jpg) drywall is expanding and bubbling up. Kitchen counter top has been chipped and damaged; kitchen tile floor has ¼ inch cracks approximately 3 feet long. Hallway has lying water, possibly coming in from exterior double doors at the end of the hallway. Conference room doorway has a ¼ crack approximately 2.5 feet long.
AC & Heater Description: East facing AC unit, The Lennox system (ACHeat_1.jpg) appears to have no physical damage. South facing AC unit (ACHeat_2.jpg, ACHeat_3.jpg) has some insulation that is ripped up, no physical damage to the AC unit. North facing AC unit (ACHeat_4.jpg, ACHeat_5.jpg) has sustained major damage. This unit is crushed and has corrosion and rust all over the unit.
Water Heater Description: Basement water heater is in great shape and looks new (WHeater_1.jpg). The main floor water heater (WHeater_2.jpg, WHeater_3.jpg) is leaking and rusting out on the bottom. The 2nd floor water heater (WHeater_4.jpg, WHeater_5.jpg) is leaking and causing water to run into the adjacent room.
Electrical Description: In the conference room there are electrical outlets that show signs of burning (Electrial_1.jpg, Electrical_2.jpg). The basement electrical panel (Electrical_3.jpg) show signs of melted wires and needs a licensed electrician to repair it. The main floor electrical panel (Electrical_4.jpg) and communication wiring (Electrical_5.jpg) shows no visual signs of damage.
Plumbing Description: Plumbing in the basement has a few issues (Plumbing_1.jpg, Plumbing_2.jpg, Plumbing_3.jpg) In Plumbing_1 the repair is leaking and should be repaired correctly. In Plumbing_2 the pipe is broken and is leaking water all over the floor, and in Plumbing_3 the water is spraying out of the pipe that the weld has cracked. In the main floor kitchen (Plumbing_4.jpg, Plumbing_5.jpg) the sink pipes are leaking and causing excessive damage to the sink cabinet base.
Window Description: North facing windows (Window_1.jpg, Window_2.jpg), main floor, are broken and need to be repaired. West facing sliding window door, main floor, is shattered (Window_3.jpg). East facing window frame (Window_2.jpg) is rotted and should be replaced. The south facing window bottom wood jam is gone and needs to be replaced (Window_3.jpg).
Door Description: North facing front door (Door_1.jpg) has been damaged by the hurricane but is still operational. The south facing door (Door_2.jpg) and the east facing door (Door_5.jpg) has wood frame rot at the bottom. The internal conference room door frame (Door_3.jpg, Door_4.jpg) has damage in multiple areas, most likely not caused by the hurricane.
Foundation Structure Description: North facing foundation has ½ cracks approximately 8 feet long located below all northing facing windows (FoundStruct_1.jpg, FoundStruct_2.jpg, FoundStruct_3.jpg). East facing foundation (FoundStruct_4.jpg) as a small ¼ inch crack and the north Basement foundation wall (FoundStruct_5.jpg) has 1 inch cracks running through the middle of the wall.
Grounds Description: South facing fence (Grounds_1.jpg) is missing 2 wood panels. East facing chain link fence (Grounds_2.jpg) is cut and opened allowing a large hole for anyone to get in. The post of this fence is having issues and is not that secure. North facing yard (Grounds_2.jpg) has a tree down due to the hurricane, no structural damage to the property. East (Grounds_4.jpg) and west (Grounds_5.jpg) facing yard appears to have bugs in the grass.
Other Summary Description: This report is intended only as a general guide to help the client make his own evaluation of the overall condition of the property, and is not intended to reflect the value of the premises. The damage to the property appears to be significant to the roof, foundation and structure.
Property Specifics: Property SqFt: 3000, Approximate Land Acre(s): 1, AC/Heater Systems: 3, Water Heating Systems: 3, Bathrooms: 1, Kitchens: 1, Property Levels/Floors: 2, Number of Leases/Tenants: 2